Here's to ALL the original "Rosie" Divas!

Change can be daunting. Even when the prospect of something new stirs excitement and curiosity, it takes bravery and often some faith to step out into the unfamiliar. But Divas tend to go where they are needed, and they adapt to the challenges and grow with the experience.

During World War II droves of American women moved out into the workforce to learn and carry out vacant jobs. By 1945 an estimated 1 out of 4 women worked outside the home, returning every evening to continue running their homes as well. They were tough women, with tenacity and resiliency and probably not a whole lot of sleep. This Labor Day we honor every man and woman adding their labors and skills to the workforce, but we offer a special salute to the pioneers who brought "Rosie the Riveter" to life.

Labor Day has become a day of fun and relaxation with family and friends. If you are blessed to share some time with women from that era though, take advantage of the opportunity. Ask them what it was like to live in a time of war, to be praised for their work in jobs previously closed to women only to be asked to return to the way things were, to face endless changes and expectations, and imagine the world as they paint it. Listen to their stories...they are fascinating real life tales of struggle and triumph, fear and bravery, loss and love. Instead of a movie or a television show, give your attention to the real women you know - parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and great aunts, neighbors and friends - people you can actually touch and hug and laugh and cry with. Share a meal while you talk, walk beside them while they reminisce. Show them reverence by putting your phone away and giving them your undivided attention. Consider it a labor of love, or consider it the most interactive "4D movie" available on the planet today...but only for a limited time.

Here's to ALL the original "Rosie" Divas!
Happy Labor Day!

Rosie the Riveter - WWII campaign

Applause for A Musically Gifted Diva
Inspiration from a young "TRUE" Diva

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