Under Our Cherry Moon...Cherry and Peach Cobbler

Under Our Cherry Moon...Cherry and Peach Cobbler

That's how I want to die...

In a blaze of excitement where my last thoughts are probably "oh shit" as I'm enjoying for the last time that which brought me so much joy. No time for cancer. Won't wait for heart disease. Both of those run through my family. Instead, I want to face death in my best dress, tallest stiletto's and with a belly full of wine, cherry clafoutis, chocolate and having had some damn good sex within the past week or so.

I don't even want to know what he was thinking as he saw his motorcycle about to crash. I know his heart was racing. I know there was a moment of excitement. Then a moment of fear. A moment of realization. Then...that final moment.

That is how he lived his life. From one adventure to another. Sex, drugs and rock and roll were definitely what he believed in. But we all believed in him. His laughter and carefree attitude were enviable. His friendship immeasurable.

This is not a sad tribute, although I can't stop crying, but a praise of his life.

Even in death we envy him.

No suffering.

No bills.

No worry.

No illness.

No sadness.

No lost opportunities.

Just no more...

I miss you Richie. Thank you for making me want more fun out of life. For your help when I needed it. For introducing me to my favorite wine. For your friendship when I craved it. For protecting me when I had too much to drink. For again being the brave one to go first.

I'll see you one day again. I hope.... Look for me in Paris, sitting by the Seine or at the Picasso Musee. Just please find me. Or look for me where you always found me before...under our cherry moon.


Under Our Cherry Moon Cobbler Recipe



Live life. Make time for family, friends and fun.


No matter what disappointments came yesterday, Richie always woke up the next day happy and looking for excitement.


Simple stated, I just want to include more joy in my life. More time to just enjoy being present.


You know that friend that appears to be aimless, lacking focus and without goals? Who doesn’t care about the big house or the fancy car? Who doesn’t have a lot of money but they work hard, their small bills are paid and they have fun? What is so wrong with their life? Richie was that free soul you could always find at the beach with a smile on his face. If he got tired of that beach, he would pack up and move to another beach. Tired of that job, he would quit and get another one. He was such a great guy and trustworthy friend that everyone had a room on their couch for him. But he didn’t need it. He always had his own economical space and was independent to a fault. I think he knew the key to happiness. Do we? My only solace in Richie leaving us so early is knowing that he lived an EXTRAORDINARY life. How can we live extraordinary and yet fulfilling lives?



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