To Just Breathe the Same Air as Him

To Just Breathe the Same Air as Him

Sitting in Starbucks and I think I finally understand. I always saw couples in here sitting with one another and they were not saying a word. Each reading their own book or on their separate laptops. They would sit for hours like that. Watching this couple now that sometimes takes a break to look up from their books, at different moments, to sneak a peek at the other person and then smile and go back to their books makes me giggle. I think it's sweet. It's not about how much conversation that occurs, it's about just being in that persons presence. Just wanting to be around that person and having that good feeling.

Maybe I'm getting older and wiser, but that sounds good. To sometimes have a quiet moment in each others presence where you don't feel the pressure to perform or entertain. Just being there is enough...

I have never loved or liked someone enough that I want him around during my quiet moments. I have never loved or liked someone enough to want them with me at my favorite places (the theatre, the opera, the library, church, etc). I think I can imagine sitting at a cafe (Paris maybe) with my love across from me as we each read our books and sometimes reach over for a brief and gentle touch of our hands. For some reason, I'm sensing a change in me...


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