Do you like yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Do you really like who you are? Do you like yourself? I mean who you are as an entire person.

Growing up I did not like myself. But it was mostly because I was in an abusive household with a mom who rarely had good things to say about me. In school I was awkward and mean because of my insecurities. I truly don't think I was a nice person.

I married a man who belittled me constantly. I thought I was the worse person in the world. He profited from my self hatred and self doubt and reveled in my misery.

I'm still that shy awkward little girl inside but I NOW like myself. I love my generous spirit, ability to shake off the negative, the fact that I help others constantly... I like being a friend to myself and others. I hope you understand what I mean... Total tears now for me.

After my divorce I started discovering who I am and realized that I like myself...finally.

What about you? Can you say that you really like who you are?



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